Exercise Yourself unto Godliness

A Song from the 2017 Summer College Training

This song was composed with verses and outline points from Message Seven of the evening sessions in last year’s College Training, “Knowing, Seeing, & Gaining God in an Age of Godlessness.”

O Morning Star!

A New Hymn

Recently a brother asked for music to go with his poem expressing the believers’ longing for the Lord’s appearing as the Morning Star. This new hymn is the result.

Absolutely for God

A Winter Training Banner Song

The Comfort Abounds

In just a few short minutes on September 11, 2001, the world changed. In the weeks that followed, we were touched to share Christ as the only real Comfort with believers and unbelievers alike. We began to put a collection of songs together around this theme:

The God of the New Testament is personal and experiential; He is ‘the Father of compassions and God of all comfort’ (2 Corinthians 1:3-7). To those who open to receive Him, ‘the Christ’ who is ‘the comfort’ abounds!”

As is often the case when we want to do something for Him, the Lord wanted to work on us, to bring us through new, sometimes difficult, sometimes painful, experiences of Him. In the end, what we thought would be a relatively simple process turned out to be a 10-year journey. The result is our album, The Comfort Abounds, released through NYCYPCD.org in July 2012. We hope you enjoy it.

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