About Us

Hi, we’re Phil and Heidi, a husband and wife team. We write and record songs with the goal of deepening your relationship with the Lord and supplying you throughout your Christian life.

We are the composers of:

Our goal is to make high-quality recordings of our unpublished songs and to dedicate more time to composing and recording songs that are:

  • ACCURATE—That is, biblically accurate—being grounded in the Word of God, with a view to bringing listeners into the experience of the indwelling Christ for the building up of the church as the Body of Christ;
  • AUTHENTIC—Expressing the believers’ experience of Christ in a genuine, transparent, real, and truthful way;
  • ACCESSIBLE—Presenting the truths of the Bible and the gospel in a way that is understandable, approachable, and relatable; and
  • APPEALING—Recorded in a variety of musical styles that appeal to a broad range of listeners.

We thank and worship the God of resurrection for bringing us to this day. May the Lord continue to minister to His Body and spread His Word through song!