Our new mini album, Showers of Blessing, is now available on:

There are five songs in the collection:

  • Showers of Blessing—In Ezekiel 34:26, the Lord says, “I will cause the showers to come down in their season; there will be showers of blessing.” Although God wants to shower us with blessing, we often limit His blessings by hiding from Him, closing our hearts to Him, or allowing our hearts to be filled with so many other things that there isn’t any room for God. (read more)
  • Don’t Say, “Oh No!”—We’ve all done it—something bad happens, and our first reaction is to say, “Oh no!” But what if we replaced “Oh no!” with “O Lord!”? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with saying “Oh no!” But when we call “O Lord,” something takes place within us that will never happen with any other exclamation—we contact the Lord Jesus in our spirit and experience Him in the midst of whatever we’re going through. (read more)
  • Just Another Ordinary Day—As Christians, our days count when we contact the Lord and finish the day with more of God in us than when we got up in the morning. Of course, we ought to set aside time to read the Bible and pray, meet with other believers, and share the gospel. But there are so many little ways to open up to the Lord and fellowship with Him while we’re in the middle of a plain old, regular day. (read more)
  • Great Searchings of Heart—The Lord’s need and the need of His people are great. Our prayer is that God’s people would have great resolutions in heart to consecrate themselves to Him for the accomplishment His eternal purpose. (read more)
  • Blessing to My Family—No one has a perfect family. In many of our families—perhaps openly, perhaps privately—there are things that bother us, tensions, or broken relationships. This song is not about changing the past or changing other people; it is a prayer for each of us to be a channel of blessing to our family. (read more)

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