Daniel and his companions cared for God’s interest more than their own lives. They rejected the temptation of idols, joined themselves to God’s word, and prayed for God’s house (the temple), city (Jerusalem), and kingdom (Israel).

Through Daniel’s cooperation in prayer, God was able to turn the age of Israel’s captivity in Babylon so His people could return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. God considered Daniel a “man of preciousness” (Daniel 10:11).

Today, God needs many believers like Daniel who will pursue Him with others, reject the fallen age of this world, and build up the church as God’s house to pave the way for Christ’s return. Such people are precious to God. Lord, make us like Daniel!

This song was written for a young people’s retreat on the book of Daniel in October 2023. It’s part of our new album, “I’m Your Vessel.”