Any time that we spend with the Lord is valuable. But the Bible tells us—and our experience confirms—that the morning is a special, precious time for us to contact Him. The exquisite poetry of Psalm 110 says that those who voluntarily enter into the “womb of the morning” to offer themselves to the Lord become dew to refresh the ascended Christ as He fights to subdue all His enemies (v. 3).

These volunteers, these overcoming ones who fight the battle with Christ today and at His coming back, also become an encouragement to Christ—a brook for Him to drink—which causes Him to lift up His head in victory (v. 7).

May we be those who consecrate ourselves to the Lord in the womb of the morning that we may be His overcomers!

How do we know that Psalm 110 speaks of the ascended Christ? The resurrected Lord Himself told His disciples that the Psalms reveal things concerning Christ (Luke 24:44), and the writers of the New Testament confirmed this by frequently quoting the Psalms in the gospels and the epistles.

The New Testament quotations of Psalm 110 show that the beautiful poetry of this psalm describes Christ in His ascension. Having completed His earthly ministry, Christ ascended to the heavens and sat down at the right hand of God (v.1; see Acts 2:34-35). In His heavenly ministry, Christ is ruling over all things as the King (v. 2; see Eph. 1:20-23) and caring for us as our High Priest (v. 4; see Heb. 7:17, 25).

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