The story of Mary pouring out her costly ointment on the Lord Jesus, told in all four gospels, has stood over the last two millenia as the testimony of one who recognized the supreme preciousness of our Lord. The more we see His value—His worthiness, His peerlessness—the more we are willing to pour ourselves—our time, our energy, our abilities, our possessions—out on Him.

If we have spent youth, talent, career, or status on Him, what is that compared to what He is to us? What more worthy cause or goal could we pursue? As we listen to or sing this song, our prayer is that our sense of value would turn ever more from material and temporal things to the One of eternal worth, to whom are due all praises, honor, and glory!

This song has been around for a while—we wrote the melody in 2009—but we feel like this a capella version touches the feeling of pouring out on the Lord. We hope you enjoy it!

This song is the second track on our new collection of four songs (titled “You Are the Way”), which will be released to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital platforms on September 13. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss the lyric video for the third track next Sunday, 8/30.