Our new mini album, You Are the Way, is now available on:

There are four songs in the collection:

  • You Are the Way—In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way and the reality and the life.” When we don’t know what path to choose, we can cling to the Lord as our Way. In the words of this song, He is in us, “just waiting for me to say, I love You, Lord.” (read more)
  • The Goal of the Gospel (a capella)—This song has been around for a while—we wrote the melody in 2009—but we feel like this a capella version touches the feeling of pouring out on the Lord. The more we see His value, the more we are willing to pour ourselves out on Him. (read more)
  • In the Womb of the Morning—The morning is a special, precious time for us to contact the Lord. This song, based on the revelation of the ascended Christ in Psalm 110, calls us to be those who consecrate ourselves to the Lord in the “womb of the morning” that we may be His overcomers! (read more)
  • Crazy Lover of the Lord—God created us as vessels so that we can be filled with Him as our content. The best way to be a Christian is to not to try to behave in a certain way but to be filled with the Lord by loving Him. It may sound crazy, but this song encourages us to tell the Lord a thousand times a day that we love Him! (read more)

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